Maeva Rubli


Born in 1996 in Delémont, Maeva Rubli works as an illustrator and author in Basel. With curiosity and passion, she develops projects, creates picture books, comics, visual essays and illustrations for various applications. She considers storytelling and illustration as a powerful tool to observe and to question our world, as well as a colorful way to communicate about issues with sensibility.

Award from the Alumni Hochschule Design und Kunst Luzern, 2019
Won 3rd place in the Fumetto international competition 2019,
Award from the HKB Bern University of the Arts, 2016



bei mir, bei dir, 2021

Éditeur: Edition Moderne

Collaboration(s): Anisa Roomieh Alrefaei

Frittiert oder grilliert, 2021

Éditeur: Strapazin

Collaboration(s): Hanna Schiesser

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