Timothy Hofmann


I was born in Lugano in 1987, where I’ve grown up and I work today. Since an early age I’ve been fascinating by storytelling and drawing. Over time I developed, with my passion for comics, a strong taste for contemporary design. After graduations in IT and Visual Arts, I’ve made of my two passions my job, offering professional service in both design an technical support. My experience allows me to have an unconventional point of view and an expanded set of skills.

1st Winner selected at Faigirarelacultura 2014 (online competition), Ananse Communication
1st place at Concorso Giovani Artisti 2013, Gino e Gianna Macconi Foundation at Centro Culturale Chiasso – Spazio officina, Chiasso
1st place at Sfida A Fumetti 2012, ‘Il Fumetto Si Presenta’ at SpazioIndue, Bologna


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