Demian 5


Demian 5, author and graphic artist from Zurich, started his career in 2000 with the internationally recognised webcomic «When I Am King». A completely reworked book version was published by JaJa publishing (Berlin) in 2018 and a second edition in 2019.

The publishing company «Level 32», founded by Demian5 in 2020, has now published two further printed comics: «Life Code o-0» and « Minimal-electrotrash».

When I am King was nominated for an Ignatz Award in 2001 (web version). And for best Swiss Comic Album in 2019 (book version). It was rewarded a Web Cartoonists‘ Choice Award in 2002 for „best use of the digital medium“.


Publikationen (max. 5)

When I am King, 2018

HerausgeberJaja Verlag

Life Code o-0, 2020

HerausgeberLevel 32

Minimal Electrotrash, 2020

HerausgeberLevel 32